Hey there, this is Ted van der Ende.


How I started

As long ago as in 2001 I made my first effort in Network Marketing and know that if you don’t know “How to Network Market” i found out it will be tough to reach your goals. Was clueless about everything and quickly gave up.


Going the job route you sooner or later you find out you poured your heart and soul in a company that failed. Or perhaps the company you worked for simply says hey great thanks for all your efforts but we found somebody cheaper. Or eventually may you get tired of political infighting.
Perhaps you tried the boom and bust Real Estate route. What about the stock market? Maybe you have been “Riding the Bull” in the stock market. The stock market is great, but often it is easy come – easy go, if you were “Riding the Bull” what happened when it turned into a bear market? I still like the stock market, still trade the stock market and maybe Network Marketing an excellent complement if you can dedicate a lot of time to it and if you enjoy interacting a lot at the retail level.

Tried the rest?

Like Eric Worre, author of Go Pro, explained. You may have tried the rest, but now it is time for the best. Of course if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme nothing beats options trading, however, if you are wrong it is also the quickest way to fail. So if Network Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, what is it? It is a systematic method of marketing that heavily depends on relationships whether practiced on the internet, person to person or a combination.

Law of Attraction

If you are having trouble reaching your goals or getting what you want perhaps check out the Law of Attraction section.