Affiliate Marketing Blog “7-Step-Formula”

Affiliate Marketing Blog “7-Step-Formula”

It’s a very rare occasion when MLSP co-founder Fanale hops on a webinar to share some of his copywriting magic, but has happened ONE WEDNESDAY! (at no charge)

FACT: MLSP is the dominant force in the generic internet marketing / networking space when it comes to EDUCATION, COMMUNITY and VALUE, period.

And Fanale is the master copywriter behind the scenes who has written more sales letters and created more video presentations than 99.9% of the entire industry…

And what’s really neat is that if you’re an MLSP member, you’ve basically hired him for F*R*E*E! (just look at all the products, offers, and presentations YOU get to leverage IF you’re an MLSP member)

And one Wednesday we’ve talked him into unveiling his coveted and PROVEN “7-Step Selling Formula” he’s been using for years to CRUSH it on LIVE hangouts and webinars!

MILLIONS of dollars in sales via webinars doesn’t lie… and one Wednesday, in July  he’s handed over his “7-Step Selling Formula” so that YOU can start making more M-o-n-e-y with webinars (or hangouts).

Affiliate Marketing Blog

WARNING: this 7-Step Formula may turn you into an absolute SELLING MACHINE…

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new, never signed up a rep, never made a dime online, and never even hosted a hangout before… YOU can still start using this formula IMMEDIATELY to increase your ROI.


Step 1 Intro to webinar (Min 1-2)

– High Energy, Emotions & Excitement(how sales are made period!!!)
– Welcome Your Guests
– Call out attendees for engagement
– Get them to your Fan Page
– Get Rid of All Distractions
– Have to stay with me til the end because of “X”! (BIG HOOK…What is YOUR Hook?!?)…

Setting the stage

What is the concept your customers need to believe in order to believe for them to BUY from you…Your product, service, whatever it is their solution/pain killer ( in this presentation it is that webinars are CRUCIAL to the success of YOUR biz).
Story, (yours or someone else’s) that brings meaning to the concept of using EMOTIONAL & psychological triggers…get them to feel.
80/20 Rule start with the begin in mind

Step 2 Why webinars? (Min 3-4)

– Live, exciting, engaging EVENTS
– No “Tech” skills required(anymore)
– Get to engage with your audience directly
– You become REAL
– LEVERAGE! (2000 people at once)
– 100times better than a “sales letter”
– Where the most sales can be made
– YOU HAVE VALUE PEOPLE WILL PAY YOU FOR(this is going to be the content here)

Step 3 Why ME? (Min 5-10)

– $17 Million Dollar Company, Huge% from webinars
– HUNDREDS of webinars over the past 8 years
– Brought over 300 people into a MLM with ONE webinar in ONE hour
– With 1,000 on ONE webinar, we made $100,000+ with a $39 product
Paint the Dream
– Story Time! (personal story is the best….IMAGINE)
– What does your training provide…Realllly provide….PAINT THE DREAM BENEFIT
– Bring up the PAIN that your training is about to alleviate, and what it has done for you(more story)
– Ask for “permission /hands raised” to share with them what has changed your life!
– Try and be funny and entertaining
– Open loops on top of open loops on top of open loops…close later
Visual Social Proof(if possible)
– Show them screenshots of your results thanks to what you’re about to show them(fb comments?)
– Show pics of what you have now because of “x”
– Show paypal accounts
– Visually show what training has done for you or other people, and show them PROOF

Step 4 Why Now? (Min 11-12)

– Because you want to make $$$ NOW, yes? start embedding commands with yes, about taking action now
– ALL LEADERS host their own webinars. Coincidence?
– Webinars are the EASIEST way to make $$$ (just follow this step by step blueprint)
– Explosive Personal Growth – LEADERSHIP! Speaker?
– Total Leverage

Step 5 Juicy Content (Min 13-40)

– Give them exactly what you promised
– This is how gain you respect and trust
– Real Value, Over-deliver
– Nervous? IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!
***What was “My PROMISE/HOOK” in the beginning? MY content for this presentation…
– Do you now feel you that you could start making money with webinars, even if you are brand new?!? You believe that, yes?! FEELS GOOD?! FREEEDOM!
– But now what??? You need the best webinar platform to play the game!


– You KNOW you need to start embracing the future of webinars
– PRICES may increase in a couple of days
– Been doing this for 8 years! Let me save you invaluable time & money…FYI I charge $1000/hr for coaching!
– DO NOT get left behind…ACT NOW
– Future Pace…massive pain if you don’t, massive pleasure if they do…the FEELING of the results of WebinarsOnAir is about to give them

Step 7 Getting Paid Time (Min 61-90+)

– Testimonies(panelists)
– Take Q & A
– Get Paid

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  1. Easy to understand and follow 7-step plan. I’ve been looking for something short and sweet and think I have just found it 🙂

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