Afformations for Network Marketers

Afformations for Network Marketers

Hey that looks like a spelling error. Not really though, there is something called Afformations. Affirmations are a great tool when they work, however, what if affirmations don’t do anything for you? Well, guess what that is where Afformations come in.
For some people affirmations are not good enough. If you don’t really believe your affirmations, you can say what you want, but it is not going to help us.
So, what is the missing piece in this affirmation puzzle?

Belief Gap

Apparently the gap between what you perceive to be reality and where you want to be is too big, so, that you simply don’t believe in your affirmations. Did you ever make positive affirmations and your mind went like “yeah right”? The question is how big is your Belief Gap and what to do about it? Well Noah St. John has written books and courses about it. So, read all this for the full story. But here is the basic solution he presents.

Afformations fo Network Marketers

Afformations fo Network Marketers

How to Bridge the Gap

When you ask a question your mind automatically starts to search for an answer. You create your life by the statements you say to yourself and to others, and by the questions you ask yourself and others. Your mind has what you could call an Automatic Search Function, meaning that if you ask a question your mind begins to automatically search for an answer.Here you need to understand the difference between empowering and disempowering questions you pose yourself. Disempowering questions take away your power from you. Examples are “Why am i broke? Why does nobody love me? Why can’t i lose weight?” Nobody goes around saying these things on purpose, but if you do, you will feel it does not feel right.
Fortunately it is easy to change these disempowering questions into empowering questions. All you do is reverse the negative question into a positive. For example a disempowering question would be: “How come i never get the breaks like other people do?”. Your empowering question might be: “Why am i always so lucky?”

Bottom Line

Bottom Line is you are already asking yourself questions, why not ask the right questions? Everybody has asked themselves questions like: “Why am i so stupid? Why can’t i do this, that or the other thing?” And it works, as it gets you into problems when you do. So, why not manage these questions to the point they are more productive and Empowering Questions?

Afformations for Network Marketers

Why do I allow myself to discover the easiest, fastest and best ways to make the most money with the least amount of effort?
Why am I so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities, thru multiple sources?
Why am I leading others to the success they deserve?
Why does money come easily and effortlessly from multiple sources in ever increasing quantities?

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