Attraction Marketing Basics

Attraction Marketing Basics

Funny enough Attraction is not even a choice, it is a chemical reaction. Attraction is something you feel and when you are attracted it becomes exceptionally hard to resist. The attraction may be comparable to the anticipation you had before Xmas.

What is Not Attraction Marketing?

Your MLM, Your Product, Your Service, Your Capture Page, Your Blog, Your Content, Giving Value, Your Auto-Responder and so on.
If it was everybody in a particular MLM would be a top seller, which obviously is not the case.

Attraction Marketing Basics

It is all about Mindset

People are Attracted to people who they believe can help and protect them. This happens in nature and it is in humans nature. Giving Hope creates a Chemical reaction and so is hard to resist. This goes back to the days of when people were still cave men and to the Middle Ages when people depended on their landlords.

Betas & Alphas

Betas(Female role) seek shelter protection.
Alphas(Male role) seek to reproduce.
In order to succeed with Attraction Marketing Basics you must take on the Male or Alpha Role.
Just to be sure, these alpha & beta roles are gender neutral and the same person can play both alpha or beta roles depending on different situations. So that allows for a learning curve for people to improve themselves and explains the different levels of success people have.

So, what might be holding you back? You first have to believe that you can help and protect people, before they get attracted to you. This explains why so many people fail despite following all the directions they are given.



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