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In this Attraction Marketing Blog Post, how The Power Principle(Influence with Honor) by Blaine Lee overlaps and complements the Concept of Attraction Marketing.
The book starts out by explaining people have a choice to have power or not. What we do when we are powerless: Ignore, disregard, wait, delay, take no action, despair, become indifferent, neglect and become apathetic. And this is what it gets us: status quo, lose/win relationships, helplessness, unpredictable/unknown results, uncertainty, wishes and fantasies and diminished capacity.
Then it explains we can choose to work from a position of power. Some very good examples and then explains the different styles of power. Two styles of Power represent the negatives usually associated with Power and those are Coercive Power and Utility Power. What I am interested here is the third Style and is the Power Principle based on Honor. It results in Sustained proactive Influence. What we do with principle based power: persuade, be patient, be gentle, teach, accept,be kind, love, learn, discipline, be consistent and live with integrity. And these are the results: Partners and partnerships, a mutual transformation, synergy, calculated risks, increased capacity, positive internal control, self control, ethical behavior, interdependent relationships, proactivity, trust, win/win solutions, partnership agreements, deeply satisfying long-term relationships.

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How to Honor-Ten Principles of Power

Persuasion, Patience, Gentleness, Teachability, Acceptance, Kindness, Knowledge, Discipline, Consistency and Integrity.
Persuasion – Nietzsche: “I can endure almost any What if i understand the Why”.
For this Attraction Marketing Blog it is not really useful to go over this in detail, but yet i wanted to mention the ten principles anyways.

Selling with Power – How to Honor Your Customers

Quote by George Matthew Adams “Character is the salesman’s stock in trade. It is he who must first sell himself. Truthfulness, enthusiasm, and patience are great assets. The product itself is secondary”.

Selling with honor lasts a lifetime. To sell with honor requires both skill and integrity, product knowledge and people knowledge, a desire to serve and a desire to genuinely help. Selling with honor means that your customer or prospect can always overhear you talking about them and you govern yourself accordingly. Selling with honor leads to a transformation in the relationship, because conviction passes from the seller to the buyer. You sell differently than others might because you see your purpose differently. Your tools are different. Your power  is greater. You sell more. You are not afraid to walk away from a sale that is not right-not right for the customer, not right for the need, not right for the organization, not right for you. You know that doing the right thing is always right. You believe that a win for the customer is ultimately a win for you, so you work harder to deeply understand their needs, because only then can you pinpoint your efforts on their behalf. You can sell with honor.

Then it goes on to explain you can be powerless selling, or you can sell with power in three different ways. Sell with coercive power, sell with utility power and of course the preferred way selling with Honor.

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Selling with Honor

Selling with Honor prevents burnout. Burnout occurs as a result of cognitive dissonance, the natural way of acting one way and thinking another way, or speaking one way and feeling another, or doing one thing but believing another. you feel dissonance when you feel you have to withhold info from a customer or when we have to misrepresent the facts to a customer.
If you want to prevent burnout, match your words with actions and your beliefs with behaviors. Believe in your product and know enough about your prospect to determine with full purpose of heart that the match is appropriate, and you will not only prevent burnout, you may have created a partner for life. A source of referrals, a center of influence that repeats your business and invites others to do the same. Courage comes easier because your motive is to benefit and to serve.
In summary, the best way to avoid burnout is to be what you appear to be, to use the knowledge you have, to speak from the experience that is yours, and to have ultimate confidence that the truth is enough.

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How to stay Motivated

One of the side benefits of selling with honor is that you avoid the burnout trap. Another is that if you do what you love, the money will often follow. People who love their work are energized by it. Sharing the excitement they have for their products or services in a way that solves people’s problems is self-reinforcing. Success breeds success.
Selling at its best IS serving. Serving does not require you to be subservient; it requires you to be powerful. To serve is to offer what you have that will benefit another. It is not a weak image; it is one of the most potent images you can bring to mind.
A popular idea is that when someone wants what we have, we have the opportunity to “upsell” them, adding to the price of the purchase. The writer suggests another view: “upserve” them. Offer them more, because you know enough about them to sincerely recommend additionals. To serve more is to offer added value, the key to maintaining relationships that are transformational, not merely transactional.

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Why do people Buy?

There are four universal human needs, which can be represented by the stomach, the heart, the head, and the spirit. Every selling opportunity should clearly focus on one or more of these needs.
Then it explains the success of US magazine. The appeal of the magazine was that it began in curiosity and ended with hope. Through the stories told each week, readers came to one of two conclusions. Either, “Whew, that is something that didn’t happen to me, and I am grateful”, or “Yeah! That is possible for me too and worth going for!” Hope was exemplified in the editorial direction which guided each issue. Through the lives and experiences of celebrities as well as ordinary people, the following messages were consistently and artfully presented:
I am not a victim.
I can choose what to do with my life.
I can organize my life to live my deepest values.
I can win with others.
I want to understand others, and in doing so I will be better understood.
I embrace the differences in others.
I can become better by working on myself.

You cannot sell with integrity unless you know where your prospect is in terms of each of these universal needs. And to find out you have to listen deeply, establishing conditions of trust and safety, and demonstrating that you care in ways that matter to the prospect enable you to plant the seeds today that will bear rich fruit tomorrow.

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Comparison Attraction Marketing and Selling with Honor

One of the tenets of Attraction Marketing is that people follow the leader. So then obviously the leader is using power somehow. The book The Power Principle explains how we can be Powerless or choose to have Power. And if we use Power it explains the wrong way and the best way. Which is to use Power and to Sell with Honor. Here the book and Attraction Marketing complement each other. Both teach people it is best to be themselves. Both teach you get the best results if you know your customers and your products really well. And both aim for sustainable results through long term relationships. And both agree hope sells. Both agree that customers need to know, like and trust us, before they buy. Of course this all(building long term relationships) would set the stage for a long and tedious process. Fortunately Attraction Marketing presents a solution to kick start an otherwise long process through the Funded Proposal, of course Funded Proposals now have been enhanced to be named Profit Centers from now on. It lets customers test the waters via an attractive offer at a nominal cost to the buyer. And that allows for a relationship to build while sales happen. So, you have the best of both worlds, you get sales And you build relationships.


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