Attraction Marketing Copy Writing

Attraction Marketing Copy Writing Conditions

Conversational – only talking to one person, write like we talk, read your letter aloud(must for starters),
Grammar is not a big deal, don’t want to be unprofessional But you want to be Anti Professional(escape from the corporate world),
Start with an outcome, what do you want to achieve?
Subject line is the most critical part,
What pushes you away? Sales words move people away! Exception would be solo ads. But here the purpose is to build trust with your list.
What pulls you in? Humor, Curiosity created the click(creating a question mark), Bad news…, Ridiculous, Very well known song lyrics, National Enquirer
Analogies –
Treat at the end – marketing lolly pop, a prize
Got them to respond –
Call to action –
Enter the conversation that they are already having in their mind –
Self depreciating –
Word pictures –
Nostalgia –

(Cold traffic – best to use the canned letters that come with MLSP etc.)

Attraction Marketing Copy Writing

Attraction Marketing Copy Writing Purpose

It is your job to build relationships and bonds with subscribers. Make sure about the Message to Market Match.

Example Show me the Mo-ney

Invitation to Profit Center webinar:

Subject Line: Show me the money(bean counters invited)


Ever see the movie Jerry McGuire?
Remember the scene where his football guy
screams SHOW ME THE MO-NEY???

Ever feel like that in your home business?

You want to see the mo-ney…

And I can’t blame you…

I did too.

And then I came across this guy named Steve
who laid out a plan that blew me away.

Now I am gonna tell you…

Steve is a bit of a bean counter.

I don’t know what he did in his past life…

But man oh man does this dude like details

So, when they promise you an EXACT plan to
six figures and all that jazz…

And then they hype you up and tell you NOTHING
it can be really annoying

But not with this guy…
he lays it out with total detail

So, if you like to see the mon-ey,

This is the show for you

Learn how the mastery program can help you
transform your business tonight
9 pm EST
Register Here

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