Attraction Marketing Funded Proposal

Attraction Marketing Funded Proposal

What is a Funded Proposal? Selling something on the Front End, so that it covers marketing costs. The product has to move fast enough. Everybody who buys is a lead for the primary opportunity. When you use a Funded Proposal you identify buyers. Most of the time, when somebody makes a purchase, they will make a second purchase, to validate the first purchase. And the primary opportunity is called the Back End. Then weave your marketing properly so the customers will buy more.

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The purpose is to create Front Ends and Back Ends and Continuity.
F.e. the Front End would be an exercise DVD and the Back End would be diet pills, exercise equipment. And the auto ship the Continuity.

Attraction Marketing Funded Proposal

Other tactics used maybe Up Sells and OTO’s(One Time Offers).

Where to find products for the Front End?

Need to find a product with at least a 50% product and priced under $50.
Weight loss pills, anti aging pills, MLSP Profit Products, products tools and training.

Great Funded Proposal Products

What are some of the potential Attraction Marketing Funded Proposal products?
Your Retail Products
A Product of your Own
MLSP(Up to 100% Profit Products)
Clickbank (info products) (info products)

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