Attraction Marketing My Story

Attraction Marketing My Story

The purpose of all marketing is to focus on the desires of your prospects. What you do is by storytelling, is giving your customers hope that there is a solution to their pain. All marketers are great storytellers.
To tell your story there is a ready to use formula. So we begin with a formula and then add the details. As the drama is in the details.

Storytelling Formula

formula in italics and bold, and the rest is what it would look like if i told my story

Hi my name is Ted van der Ende
Before i joined this online marketing platform
I was (terrible at what joined before)
I am a 60 Year Old Stock Trader and had been looking to Crack the Code of Internet Marketing ever since the the dot com boom days. Really I had no clue about how to generate traffic, let alone leads. Till I found this lead generation platform.
The first thing i noticed was how easy it was to use the system and start a marketing campaign.
Since then i have been generating leads regularly.
And the best part is I can now play tennis all day long and retire comfortably.

Attraction Marketing My Story

Attraction Marketing My Story

Purpose of the story

The story is designed to intrigue prospects. Not supposed to sell or convince anybody. Let the story do the work. No need to sell anymore.
You can package any story, any time and cause people to want to be around you.
Build into emotion and not hype. What is the emotion of somebody who has spent a fortune in their home biz with no results so far. Who are the people you are talking to and what is their pain? To know what others feel, examine yourself. What makes you buy a course or a product? Once you know this you can lead others.
It is challenges or flaws overcome that attracts people. It gives hope, and then the story becomes attractive. Hope trumps everything.

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