Advanced Attraction Marketing Promotion Techniques

Attraction Marketing Promotion…is Not Selling

Promotion is Pointing. Pointing people at different videos, events(hangouts, webinar) etc.

Three Stages of Promotion

– Pre-Promotion(frequently mentioning the event during the course of a discussion)
What is the very next live event you need to be promoting? Always be clear about that!
Always talk about what event you are going to attend. Because people will actually show up if you tell them where you are going.
– Promotion during the event(spinning the excitement of what is going on)
posting pictures etc. of the event that is going on
– Post-Promotion – get them excited for next week, if you have a weekly event and the Post-Promotion turns into a Pre-Promotion

Make the event sound enticing, fun. create a ooh what is it, create an Attraction. A Feeling, a Magnetic Feeling…then people will show up.
Understand message to market match.
You can do Pre-Promotion with everything fe blog posts
Tonight is the last day of class and i am blown away, when they make this available you should jump on them

Attraction Marketing Promotion



Having fun…Creating a ruckus…
Playing with friends…
Is what attracts a crowd…A crowd is what you need!
How many presentations do you want to make in a week?
1-5……you will go BROKE
10-15….you will also go BROKE
Why? Because you are competing with people who do
100-10,000 presentations a week

Promotion is not convincing…
Don’t use sales words, instead use casual words


I am on the last AMI call tonight
This is just sick stuff
I’ll let you know if they decide to sell the recordings
You can’t promote everything, so you have to pick and choose.

Watch good promoters and see them create a ruckus…to create a question mark for people.
Make em curious enough to take action.
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