Attraction Marketing Social Media Magic

Attraction Marketing Social Media Magic

This is the stage to collect prospects, capture them, communicate with them and finally close the sale.
Social Media is all about leverage. It used to be you met people in a coffee shop and you made a presentation. And if you were good you could make 5 to 10 presentations a week. And out of those presentations two people would sign up. Now everybody is aware of MLM’s and you need to make thousands of presentations to make a sale. And that is why people turned to Social Media as you can make thousands of presentations a week through Social Media.
Social Media is about getting Your image and Your message in front of THOUSANDS of people. It is not about Who you know, it is about who knows You.
Never in the history of Social Media have you been able to access so many people for Pennies. In the past to get your message in front of thousands of people you would have to spend a lot of money, either post cards, or a full page ad, or spend thousands to get on TV.

Attraction Marketing Social Media

History of Social Media

In 2000 there might have been a dozen websites about network marketing. They paid someone to build that website, who charged an arm and a leg. And if you needed any changes it would cost another arm and a leg. So those websites would be static, would stay the same. This lasted til 2005 and then a blog came out, called That is when you could set up a site or a blog and change it on the fly. So, you could say what you wanted to say. And then AudioGenerator came out and you could put audio on your site. It was revolutionary.
And look now, so much easier. And so now everybody can reach thousands to give away what they learned. But, You need to Want give it away, before you possess it. Giving away is the secret to possessing it. That is the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t.

Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites

Content Sites vs Social Bookmarking Sites

Everybody knows the bookmarking function in our browser. The difference is instead of bookmarking to your page you book mark it to a site. So, everybody can see your book marks. Digg, Delicious Stumbleupon etc. So, can find cool stuff and share it with people. If you do that and you don’t only share your own stuff you can create a following. This as opposed to a Content Site fe. You Tube. You Tube is a website to upload and share content you created., Vimeo are content sites. While bookmark sites you can share your stuff and other things. Pinterest is both a bookmark and content site. Twitter is a micro-blog.

The Triple Dip

Create a piece of content. An article Written and change it into Audio and Video.
You want to extend your foot print.
The difference between duplicate content and syndication is you pretend duplicate content is new, while syndication is posting the same content in different markets(social websites). or Google Transcription to go from video to written or audio.
You need to be Seen, so when you start out you Have to do this, maybe later on you don’t need to do The Triple Dip anymore.

The Facebook Spin

Create a hot headline with a question mark. Then post your video or article and people will actually look at it. If you work as a team with some other people. When you make a piece of content the other people on your team will be first to like and make comments on your content. If people see others gather around your content they are more likely to go ooh what is this what is going on. It is the rubber neck effect.
The more you like, share and comment on other peoples posts, the more they will like, share and comment on yours.

The Email Spin

When you send your content out to your list. Say something like here is the content i made about such and so, i think you will really like it. I don’t have much time right now, because i have to do this or that. and p.s. don’t forget the webinar tonight. if you want to come by click here.

The Personal Push – make someone feel special.

If you would only do, that which you already know what to do, things would change. So, you simply personally contact people and the bonus is you make people feel special.

Social Media Project

Make a Hot Facebook Headline, on twitter etc, hot videos, hot articles.
Driving everybody into a MLSP interface.
This is meant as a contest to make the leader board, but if you try and don’t make the leader board, you still get more leads than without.

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