Attraction Marketing Target

Attraction Marketing Target

What is the target market with Attraction Marketing? Well, you can make that as complicated as you like, but it is better to just keep this simple. You are looking for people who want to Buy something, from you.
And perhaps more important these people have money to spend. No point on banging your head against the wall on people who can’t or won’t spend the money. Why? Well you need to focus on making money, on profitability.
You are looking for people that don’t need to be convinced. Much like in the rest of the retail business, customers don’t need to get convinced. They need to get the products offered, so they can decide which product to take.

Where to find people?
Coolest thing about internet marketing vs traditional marketing. It easy to find pools of customers. Whether it is via Google keywords or Facebrook or other website groups or SEO or PPC(pay per click) or Better Networker. Sure beats wondering the mall trying to speak to people or bugging friends and family.
All you need to do is place ads in front of them, where they hang out. And if you can pick up the ring leader you can easily add 15 to 20 people as customers.
Attraction Marketing Target

What do people buy?
People buy what they want, not what they need.

Whacky Targeting Technique
To get more specific about who to target. Focus on people who are similar to ourselves.
How to reach them? Enter the conversation that they already have going on in their mind. So, your customers recognize what you are saying.
And do you get to that point?
Close your eyes and think about your target market and think about their pain, what are they typing in into the computer to Google for the solution to solve their pain. What are their fears and what are their challenges. Or go to some of the pools of customers and find out what drives them.
If you truly understand your market you will always make money.

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