Attraction Marketing Videos

Attraction Marketing Videos

The purpose is to Personalize Your marketing and become a Trusted Resource. Why is that important? Well, people will pullback from a pitch until it comes from a trusted source. Since very few people personalize their marketing. Most people send traffic to someone else’s. While the goal of Attraction Marketing is to build a following that knows, likes and trusts you. You can sell anything in Network Marketing or Affiliate marketing, but make sure to personalize what you are offering.
So, because so few people do this, there is a huge opportunity out there as long as you do it right. The key is to persistently personalize your marketing. Using Video, Fun Images and Great Headlines causes your prospect to feel like they know you. It creates a trust bond that is invaluable.
So, you can build a list OR you can build a list of buyers…Big Difference.

Attraction Marketing Videos basic Types

Quickie Videos – record your voice real quick, slap up a logo or a picture and there is your video.
Screen capture Videos – take a screen shot and add a voice over to it and turn it into a video. Great for tutorials and to put on your blog.
Voice over Videos – you shoot live action and add a voice over.
Live Videos – you on a camera talking

Attraction Marketing Videos

Attraction Marketing Videos Purpose

Branding – Getting your face, your voice out there.
Relationship building – Just a video of you without selling anything. Sharing some special time with the prospects, like this is why i am working from home. This type could last a little longer.
Content Delivery – A lesson, a teaching or a training. Could be long.
Introductions – Get on a video and introduce one of the Profit courses or another video. Introduce the makers and what the course is about. This is the type of video typically used for a capture page. Short videos 30 sec – 1 minute. For lead generation and sales.
Traffic – Proper keyword and proper description to describe the video to help people find the video with Google. And then when they find your video you direct them to your capture page or your blog. Short Videos.

Be sure not to confuse these different purposes of of the video. Ask your self what is the outcome i want? What do i want the viewer to do?

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