Better Networker, One of 4 Pillars

Better Networker, One of 4 Pillars

Lena Bjorna held a webinar on the subject some time ago and here are some of my notes.

The Four Pillars are Facebook, You Tube, Better Networker and Our Blog. With MLSP in the middle with all the education, tools, products to sell and community.
Lena discussed the Four P’s of Better Networker.

Better Networker

Four P’s to success on Better Networker

But first why Better Networker Anyways?

BN is the brainchild of Mike Dillard.
BN has an Alexa Rank of #12,119 (which is pretty good).
BN has Daily Unique Visitors 0f more than 42000.
BN has more than 140K members and 3 to 5000 are Joining Monthly!
BN Need only take You a Minutes a day.
BN is cheap: $20 a month + You earn 40% recurring commission rate on referrals.

1. Profile
Put in a picture that shows us strong and confident and close up so people can see our face.
A good description is Dr. Bob Clarke.
In the about me section put in pictures instead of a lot of print.
Look Here For My :Better Networker Profile

2. Posts
Especially if you have a blog simply post your blog posts at BN as well.
Video from blog plus add a link to full post.

3. Prospecting

Go to the new members section and click on the profiles, look for members with pictures and contact members esp if they are not in MLSP(or not whatever we ourselves are in). And strike up a conversation. Keep posture, never be aggressive, no pushing, just whetting the appetite, perhaps get them on the phone, never be overly eager, trust the process.

Better Networker

4. Promotion

This applies especially if you achieve month of the month member. Or if your posts get a high ranking.
This helps build social proof.
If you have a top post, take a screen shot with f.e. Jing and promote it at Facebook, the Blog, the mailing list and explain how you can get exposure and provide a link to your BN profile.


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