Blackberry Rebound

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Here charts for the Blackberry Stock Price and options . For a better analysis it is good to look at a stock from different points of view. So that is why i want to look at the stock chart, the put and call option charts.

Blackberry Rebound


BBRY has a lot of support here from the green lines(volatility support), yellow lines(up channel) and the price has re-entered the volatility bands. The next resistance for this Blackberry Rebound is around $14.35 where the volatility bands currently are positioned as well as the 60 period ma(red line). Further away resistance at the red lines just below $15.

BBRY call option


So close to expiration there is not much difference between the options and the stock charts, so the call options show support as well @ $0.90 and resistance(red lines) @ $1.50. While the volatility bands @ $1.30 will give initial resistance. On June 13 there was a similar set up with a big spike up right at the open, though that seems unlikely to happen today.

BBRY put option


We see especially strong resistance(red lines) at $2.25, but considering the put options re-entered the volatility bands a down ward move is most likely. Initial support(green lines) @ $1.60. The best argument against a Blackberry Rebound would be the fact that the slope of the volatility bands is clearly upward for the put options and downward for both the call options and the stock chart.

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