The Best Ways to Convert Website Leads

How to Convert Website Leads

In the B2C environment, the majority of customers tend to do a bit of online research before actually placing an order, and the very same is equally true, if not more so, with B2B customers. Exactly what this implies is that even if your business makes use of advertising automation tools that allow you to identify prospective clients and provide you with insight into the sorts of items or services that they want, if you do not time your follow-up just right, you might run the risk of either scaring them off or letting the lead go cold.

Convert Website Leads

Convert Website Leads

Much in the same way that Mrs. X may wish to check with her other half before purchasing the most recent laborsaving device online, those who work in procurement often need to seek approval prior to placing an order, even if the value of the order isn’t really huge. Calling a B2B prospect within a few hours of the prospect’s visit to your website, for that reason, is unlikely to generate a sale.

In regards to the best time of day to follow up, experts believe that after 3:30 p.m. is most productive, because although clients might not really place an order at this time, they are typically more ready for arranging a telephone appointment for the following day. Possibly surprisingly, Mondays are the worst day of the week to follow up and Fridays are by far the best.

Timing, as they say, is everything, which is never ever truer than in the world of online B2B marketing!

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