Get Free Backlinks with Linkluv

Get Free Backlinks with Linkluv

LinkLuv is a crowd sourcing social media site to help get subscribers thousands of quality back links with very  minimal effort. Why you need LinkLuv? Syndicating your content through high authority sites is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic with the resulting leads and sales for your business. Free and paid accounts are available.

How does LinkLuv work?

It is really simple. Sign up following the instructions. I followed the very clear step by step instructions. So, once you are signed up you see the following screens in your back office. There are three main screens that is My Links(with Add a link), Share Links and Social Sites.

LinkLuv Links


Here with the Add Link tab at the top you will notice a url slot to paste the link you are getting back links to. Click the wand to auto fill the fields. The title, the description and the micro blog can be spun with your spinner. There is an integration with the Best Spinner, but if you have another spinner you can just paste and ready you are to get back links.


LinkLuv My Links

Here the screen with My Links, where your links are listed. On the left hand side you see the three main screens you are working from. You see: My Links, Share links and Social Sites. This is only the second day so  only a few back links were made as it takes maybe 12-24 hours to get it going. The sharing is done automatically, the only thing you do is make your link available and back links will start to appear.


LinkLuv LinkQueue

Here the Share Links screen, the Queue tab. These are links lined up to get posted, to somewhere. If it is my turn they will get posted to my Social Sites.

LinkLuv Shared Links

Here is what you see under Share Links. One tab with Queued links and one tab with Shared links. Here you’ll notice the social sites where i get credit for sharing links to the green social sites. And with the red ones the link did not share.

LinkLuv LinkQueue


Here the queued links ready to get shared. Here you get the option to rate the presented links. If you don’t like a poster because they don’t suite your social sites. You may give a thumbs down. Or if there is a problem with a queued link, you get to report it under the red triangle, next to the link. These links will get automatically shared.


LinkLuv Social Sites


Here the Social Sites screen. On the left you see the Social Sites. On the right you see the blue button to change your settings per site.


What is included in Link Luv?

Backlink Reports, Spinner Integration, Sharing-easily share other peoples posts and when you share you earn points, Backlink Pinging, Runs in the Cloud, Customer Support, Automated Sharing-earn points while you are sleeping, Agency Management, Pricing Plans to Fit any needs.





Author: tedvanderende

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  1. Thanks for the review Ted! I’ve been using LinkLuv For about one month now and all I can say is WOW. I started a website two days ago and started getting backlinks from Linkluv and I am already getting ranked. I had another website that was stuck on page 2 of google forever and after using LinkLuv I got to page 1. So I can back ya on the power of lInkluv.

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