How to Convert MLM Leads?

How to Convert MLM Leads?

How to Convert MLM Leads

How to Convert MLM Leads

One of the industry’s best prospectors and recruiters has called over 3,000 leads in the last 2 years alone …

And he’s signed up over 1,100 MLSP members because of it:).

Oh, and he’s personally recruited over 250 people into his biz opp.

Oh yah, and he was the # 1 recruiter in just ONE of his companies for over 1.5 years.

Ohhhh yah, and he’s been able to build a multi. Because he simply picks up the phone, 6-fig biz.

His name: Bill Pescosolido.

His weapon of choice: Prospecting (he’s one of the BEST in the game today … results don’t lie).

How to Convert MLM Leads

How to Convert MLM Leads

Look, I’ll be honest with you my friend. , if you’re not calling your leads, chances are slim to none that you will ever escape the rat race.

Not calling your leads is like ignoring someone who wants to know more about what.
YOU have to offer so they can BUY from you …
Insane, right ?!

Unless you like leaving barrels of cash on the table and not making sales, you need to get over your fear of the phone. And yes, we know conquering your phone fears is easier said than done.

And that’s where Bill comes in … in fact you’re in luck because helping people conquer their phone fears in 45 minutes or less is Bill’s specialty!

This made-up fear is holding you and your family back, and keeping you stuck in a mediocre life. The buck stops here.


I’m going to if you’re struggling to turn a profit go out on a limb and say that you don’t call your leads … and if you’re calling your leads and still struggling, you are doing it WRONG.

If you keep doing the prospecting thing wrong you will never fulfill your full potential in this arena.
(and you already know this).

In just the first 45 minutes alone…

* You will get over your phone fear.

* You will know how to become the authoritative voice.

* You will learn how to get inside your prospect’s mind.

* You will be able to ‘profile’ your prospect in under 3 minutes.
(this is proprietary ninja jedi stuff that is absolutely CRAZY!).

* You will know how to be a ‘consultant’ vs a hated ‘salesman’.

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