Mindset before skill set

Mindset before skill set

Here my notes of the Steve Jaffe webinar of June 18 th.
Steve explains what the deciding factor was for him to go from two(2) leads a day to forty(40) leads a day in 2 months. He explains how it is important to have the right mindset before learning all kind of possible techniques taught at the numerous webinars. It is mindset before skill set.
You have to develop your mindset much like top sporters do. Find help from gurus like Tony Robbins or Dr Joe Dispenza etc. Mindset is a day to day(moment to moment) process, you have to develop the capability to influence your emotional states. Since what you manifest is influenced by your thoughts and emotions. Meditation is a good place to start. And visualize yourself making videos and getting leads, so with the right mindset what do you do?

Happiness Advantage


Commit your self to lead generation, for that reason commit to MLSP.
Commit yourself to one strategy of traffic generation, be it Facebook, blogging or You Tube(just put the blinders on and go!)
As far as training concerned, the wake up calls are important, and limit yourself with the webinars that focus on your chosen traffic generating strategy.

Be consistent

It helps your mindset, it helps your Google ranking or your Facebook edge rank to consistently, regularly, daily post on Facebook, You Tube or on your blog.

Must be emotionally resilient

Take steps to observe your emotions and manage them accordingly. Don’t get discouraged by minor obstacles. It is easy to get overwhelmed(drinking from a fire hose).

The happiness Advantage

Currently i am working on a sort of Coles Notes for the Happiness Advantage and so that dove tails perfectly with the topic Steve discussed on the webinar. In the next few days i will publish these Notes.

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