Mindset training 10 Rules

Mindset Training 10 Rules

Dug up another great webinar about Mindset training with Jamie Soriano this time , held some time ago. Key to success. And here are some of my notes.

1. Stand for Something

The “bottom line” does not justify everything. Character and reputation are more important in a leader than technical expertise and business savvy.

2. Total commitment is the First step to Greatness

Total commitment is a quality that enables a person to overcome adversity and to and keep moving forward until he or she wins.
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3. Develop a positive attitude

It’s hard to do all the things necessary to win in business. The only way you can face the adversity, keep moving ahead in the tough times, and keep pushing up people is to always be positive.

4. You get what you expect

People will always rise to the standards you set for them. Expect the best, and encourage people to set a standard of excellence.

5. Get your priorities straight

Happiness is the successful combination of all areas of your life-business, family and spiritual. Establishing what is important to you and committing to those priorities is a must.

6. Know where you are going

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never get there. Setting goals gives you clear direction to follow for future success.

7. Don’t be afraid to fail

Fear of failure holds more people back than technical problems. Leaders must learn to eliminate fear from their own lives in order to take risks necessary to win big.

8. You’ve got to pay the price

Nothing worth having comes easy. People must recognize the fact that big dreams have big prices, and determine the price they are willing to pay to pay for success.

9. Build with Quality

If you’re going to take the trouble to build anything, you might as well build it right. Quality is more important than anything else in building a business that will last.

10. Never give up

No one can ever be defeated if he or she never stops trying. The road to success has many disappointments, but the person who makes it to the top is the person who never gives up.

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