MLM Success Secrets | Why you should never hitch your ride to a guru

MLM Success Secrets | Why you should never hitch your ride to a guru… unless you share this…

by valheisey
MLM Success Secrets

Whatever you do… don’t hitch your ride to a guru if you want MLM success.

One of the best MLM Success Secrets I can give is never hitch your ride to a guru.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, but don’t do it… and I’ll tell you why…

In the summer of 2011, I was looking for a way to make extra money so I could eventually sell my little service business.

I looked online and did my research, and I noticed that all the big network marketing names that kept coming up were in the same primary company and using the same marketing system.
They were making BIG money.
The proof was right there on my computer screen so it must be true… right?!

So, I began to analyze each guru to find out where they lived, get a sense of who they were and what they were doing to build their massive empires. I wanted to know if they were serious marketers/trainers, or someone who had a flock of followers because they were raking it in and reeked of success. For me, I wanted someone who could show me the way – I wanted a trainer.

I thought it might be important to find someone in close proximity to me so any trainings on location would be easily accessible. I wanted to be able to duplicate exactly how the expert was doing it. How could I fail?
MLM success secrets are easy to see, but few are able to make it work…

Everyone looking to make money online, does their research and soon discovers who the gurus are, and they think, “if only I could be sponsored by so and so, then I would see the money come rolling in.”

Then we start dreaming about all the things we will do once that happens… pay off the mortgage, quit our job that sucks… travel the country or even the world. Hey… look at the gurus… that’s what they’re doing right?
But here’s the truth…

Your income reflects those you hang out with. They say, look at your five closest friends, take an average of their incomes, and you probably have figured out what your income is.

That being said, if you need money… then why would a guru want to hang out with you? If the saying is accurate, you would just pull their income down and they are too smart for that.

I’ve seen this first hand – gurus hang with other gurus – period! So, unless you share a similar income level with them… forget about it!
So, how do you get there?

You have to dig in and build your business without the guru’s help. Once you start to make a name for yourself, the gurus will notice and take you into their fold.

So, you ask… if you don’t know how to do it, and your guru sponsor won’t teach you or at least encourage you and guide you, how do you become a guru?

After a year of watching all the gurus, it is obvious that MLM success leaves clues. The secret is that all the gurus are doing the same or similar things. All you have to do is mirror what they are doing and do it consistently, and the rewards will start to pay off. The key is consistency and perseverance.
Back to my story…

I signed up under a guru with high hopes to work from my home office in my PJ’s. I joined his primary company, and the marketing system he was using.

I attended national events because I was told they were necessary to becoming a success. I thought I was doing everything right.

Guess again… my guru paid no attention to me – I was a nobody. I couldn’t sign anyone up into my primary. I had the knowledge, but I had a mindset block that kept me from implementing it. I was trying to do all the strategies I was learning about, and I was unable to have success with any of them.

I realized I was looking for someone to partner with for moral support. Someone to hold me accountable. Someone to bounce marketing ideas around with and find a strategy that would finally work. Let’s face it, working from home in your PJ’s can be a lonely life.
The MLM success secrets I discovered…

If you want to succeed in your network marketing business, find someone to partner with who is having the same successes or lack of success that you are having. Find someone who is using a marketing system and strategy that you would like to use. You don’t even have to be in the same primary company.

Facebook is a terrific place to join groups who are supportive of one another in specific marketing strategies or in general marketing strategies.
The choice is yours…

But don’t do it the hard way like I did… choose just one strategy, and learn everything and I mean everything about how to implement it. That is the only path to MLM success, and a surefire way to guruhood.

To your abundance in life and health…

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