Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success through Attraction Marketing

Diane Hochman was one of the first to experiment and apply Attraction Marketing to achieve Network Marketing Success.
What is not Attraction Marketing? A capture page, a lead generation system, a blog, running ads as opposed to prospecting.
Attraction Marketing is more of a concept than a method or technology. Explained in one line:

I’m Looking for People, Who are Looking for Me

Network Marketing Success

Attraction Marketing causes you to always be in profit and build a solid customer base while you are waiting for your residual income to build over time.
You Never, Never have to talk to anyone who is not excited to talk to you. Attraction Marketing is a thought process, it is an attitude.

Diane Hochman

As Diane explains home made marketing materials are OK, after all it is a Home Bizz. You don’t have to get it 100% perfectly right, you have to get going.
Figure out where your customers hang out online and offline!!! Create your own materials, with your own story. And message to market match.


The Secret of Network Marketing Success is in the list

How many times have we heard this? And for sure it maybe true, still you need to know what to do with your list. For starters you need to get your list to open your mail. How do you go about it?

Depends on your personal style, if you ask Diane Hochman you need a kind of a folksy style writing emails, you need to know when to sell and when you are networking, yes we don’t go out with blazing guns pitching or spamming our opportunity 24/7/365. Write for the audience of one person.
We start out with an attention getting headline. We create a self contradicting character using the polarisation concept. Create a character combining two or more contrasting differences which you emphasize to provoke surprise and puzzlement. This surprise and puzzlement will grab the list’s attention. Then create an open loop where the list has to take action. F.e. like in TV series build up excitement, but then for the resolution to find out what happens next you have to open your next mail or whatever is called for.
If you ask Joel Therien you start your email campaign with three emails containing high drama. Then follow that with a series of 5-7 Seinfeld like emails. Seinfeld was a TV-show about nothing. Why does he do this? Our list needs to Know-Like and Trust us before they start even to think of buying from us. Then it will be soon enough to start pitching. Here is the ratio of emails for success: Five story emails – One Info – One sales pitch. A minimum of 84 follow ups since you have to assume it takes a minimum of seven times of exposure before a customer buys.
On the point of deliverability, it is important to change the body of the email by 10 to 20% from the standard to improve deliverability.

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