Network Marketing Tips to install your WP blog?

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Now what? Got the blog installed on the host, what to do next? Choosing and installing a theme along with the various plug ins will be the next Network Marketing Tips. The good news is installing a theme is very easy to do. The only thing is figuring out exactly how simple it is and where to get your directions. The theme i have chosen comes from Elegant Themes. Why, well i followed the advise of one of the many MLSP tutorials. Elegant Themes is easy to install, subscribe to the service, chose your favorite theme, download it to your computer, the theme comes zipped, then from Dashboard upload the still zipped theme file and that is it. Now your favorite theme is installed. Now you are going to need some directions on how Elegant Themes works, what you can do with ePanel and so on. For that go to the following page at Elegant Themes:
Network Marketing ET
(click or tap on page for a clearer full page view)

This a view of the members area where you see the four main areas of interest: Themes, Account, Support and Docs. It is important after you installed the theme to look for any answers in the Docs section. If somehow you are stuck you go to the support section. Ask a question or you browse questions and answers other users had. Then you have the account section and themes section where you downloaded and previewed your theme already.


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WordPress Backup for a free back up.
Word Pres Importer free imports all kinds of files from a Word press export file.
Akismet protects from comments and track back spam.
Google Analyticsmakes it easy to add Google Analytics.
Jetpack Jetpack enables you to connect your blog to a WP account to use the powerful features, and Network Marketing Tips normally only available to WP users.

Layout of the blog

Next is dressing up the blog for its purpose. If you are new to blogging it is time to go back to the Elegant Themes Docs and read up more on the difference between posts, pages and categories. Learn how to put banners in the widgets and position the widgets. The auto-responder no doubt has instructions on how to create an opt in form and to add it to the blog.
You may consider additional programs like Optimize Press Theme and Optin Skin, but these programs are not free, so it depends on your goals whether to go that route. For more Network Marketing Tips, stay tuned.


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