What next for Pinetree Capital?

What next for Pinetree Capital?

Along with numerous stocks on the Toronto Ventures market, Pinetree Capital(T-PNP)  has been hit hard. The question now is, is the bottom in thanks to year end tax selling or not? The main markets such as S&P500, the Dow and Nasdaq have been doing really good. So when will it spill over into the resource sector?

Portfolio of Pinetree Capital

The Portfolio clearly indicates that Pinetree Capital heavily participates in the resource sector.

Pinetree Capital Portfolio


Pinetree Capital Cycles

The following graphics paint a very clear picture of where Pinetree Capital is right now. The previous cycles show up and down cycles of roughly 8 quarters pretty much uninterrupted. Just look at how momentum takes over when a corner is turned. Whether history repeats and whether we will see another 8 quarters of an virtually uninterrupted up cycle remains to be seen. However, definitely something to keep in mind in case the resource sector will be gaining momentum again.

Pinetree Capital NAV-Chart-Q3-2013_tn

Pinetree Capital 2013_Q3_investment-value-chart_tn

Pinetree 2013_Q3_12_month_return_tn

Btw these graphics come from Pinetree Capitals website under investors track record: www.pinetreecapital.com

Recent Events

Currently Pinetree Capital’s NAV has reached values of 77c for Oct 31 and 70c for Nov 30.

Another issue has been the debentures, Pinetree capital was in default and has bought back some and the interest has increased to 10%. So, if things turn down this issue may come back again. But on the other hand you cannot expect everything to be rosy when a stock hits new lows.

During December  Pinetree has made investments in the following companies: Coro(T-COP), Augusta(V-AAO) and Integra Gold(V-ICG).


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