I Am – Program Your Mind

I Am

This is a shortcut towards programming your subconscious mind to do what you want to happen. Or like setting your Garmin Car GPS before going on a road trip exept it is a GPS for your mind.  This very much resembles affirmations or afformations and the law of attraction, but it is simpler and more direct.

I Am

I Am

F.e. way back i used to tell myself at night “wake up at a certain time” as I didn’t like the noise an alarm clock makes in the morning. Funny enough I usually woke up in time, without using any alarm clock.

It now turns out(of course it has always been like that) that we are more in control over our fortunes than we  might have assumed before. In the following You Tube videos Paul Santisi and Wayne Dyer explain how they figure this concept works. It explains how damaging negative self talk is. And how to simply reverse this and using the power of this concept to help yourself, rather than to hurt. This should be part of everybody’s morning routine like brushing your teeth, washing and having breakfast. Equally essential to say the least.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has quite a background in this area and Paul Santisi is turning out valuable You Tube videos like there is no tomorrow. The videos are loaded with affirmations and meditations to get the message across and to apply it.

Paul Santisi – I Am


Dr Wayne Dyer – I Am That, I Am


Paul Santisi – I Am (2nd)


These videos literally speak for themselves and explain the “I Am” very well. Dr. Wayne Dyer gives a bit of a twist with his I Am That, I Am.

Paul Santisi – Money Manifest

And as a Bonus the “Money Manifest” video, explains Attracting and Manifesting Money.

Use Money to help People rather than to Use People to get Money is part of the introduction.



Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief Full Lecture



Bruce Lipton explains how your perception controls what was previously believed to be determined by DNA. He pretty much explains why “i Am” statements work. Positive thoughts will heal and negative thoughts will do harm.

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