Social Investment Principle #7 Happiness Advantage

Principle #7 Social Investment

Why social support is your single greatest asset.
The most successful people hold tighter to their social support in times of a crisis. Instead of divesting, they invest in social support. Not only are these people happier, but they are more productive, engaged, energetic, and resilient. They know that their social relationships are the single greatest investment they can make in the Happiness Advantage.

Investing in the Happiness Advantage

Like food and air, we seem to need social relationships to thrive. That’s because when we have a community of people we can count on-spouse, family, friends, colleagues-we multiply our emotional, intellectual, and physical resources. We bounce back from setbacks faster, accomplish more, and feel a greater sense of purpose. Furthermore, the effect on our happiness, and therefore on our ability to profit from the Happiness Advantage, is both immediate and long-lasting. First, social interactions jolt us with positivity in the moment; then, each of these single connections strengthens a relationship over time, which raises our happiness baseline permanently.
The one characteristic that distinguished the happiest 10 percent from everybody else: The strength of their social relationships.

Building a Socially Invested Team

Introduce new hires to everyone, even, esp to people in other departments. Spend a day learning the ropes of a different department. It is important to note that building strong social capital does not require that all colleagues become best friends. Or even that everyone like another all the time- this would be impossible. But what matters is that there is mutual respect and authenticity.
Connecting with employees face-to-face also provides a perfect opportunity to put into practice a recommendation we talked about earlier in the book-frequent recognition and feedback. Not only can it raise a team above the Losada Line, but delivering specific and authentic praise for a job well done also strengthens the connection between two people.


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