Spider Put Options Sep 25

Spider Put Options Sep 25

The following charts show a negative MACD Divergence resulting in a big move in Put Options for the Spiders. Charts show the prices and at the bottom the MACD indicator.


SPY daily Sep 26

Daily SPY Negative Divergence with MACD

The daily Spider has developed a Negative Divergence with the MACD. Near point 3 the SPY made a new high while the MACD continued down. The results is the SPY goes down very easily, as shown on the following charts.


SPY 14 min Sep 25

SPY 14 min Sep 25 rolling over

The 14 min chart does NOT show a negative divergence, but it is rolling over to support a divergence on the next lower time frame.


SPY 4 min Sep 25

SPY 4 min shows a Negative Divergence

The SPY 4 min chart shows a divergence indicated by the purple horizontal lines. It is as if the prices get pulled up to get catapulted down later in the day. The down and up arrows show places to enter and exit a position.


SPY Option Put Sep 25

Put Option 5 min chart for Sep 25

Put Option chart shows although the move was very fast, there was enough upside left if you did not join right after the open. The red arrows indicate the places to make a trade.


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