Unified 7-Step Success Formula

Unified 7-Step Success Formula

In the 1990’s Ben Suarez, President of Suarez Corporation Industries(SCI) wrote the book 7 Steps to Freedom. The Suarez Corporation is in Direct marketing. The book came with a Ms-Dos disk to calculate a host of things, but i will get back to it at the end of this article.

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Here are the 7 Steps without going into any detail about the steps, that is what the book is for.

Step 1 Prepare Yourself: Develop Your Master Plan for Success Based on These Proven NPGS Principles

Step 2How to Assemble a Net Profit Generation System(NPGS)

Step 3 Set Up the NPGS Financial Policy and the NPGS Heuristic-Realistic Accounting System

Step 4 Set Up the NPGS Operating Systems Procedures That Document Activity Flow, Schedule and Follow Up Activity, and Identify the Location of All Key Items in Your Company

Step 5 Secure and Organize Your Human Resources With This Proven NPGS Method

Step 6Secure and Organize Your Building, Equipment, and Material Resources With This Proven NPGS Operating Method

Step 7 Establish This Proven NPGS Defense Program Which Will Provide You With Protection From the Many Predators Which Will Try to Harm or Destroy Your Business

Other examples of Seven Step Formula’s are Mike Dillard, last night i started watching a video where he said he figured out the Economy in Seven Steps, it was too late so, i didn’t get passed the first video yet, but no question it will be amazing.

Or the 7 Principles of the Happiness Advantage that I ealier extensively reviewed.
Another example of the Seven Step Success Formula is Brian Fanale, he currently explains his Seven Step Formula to turn the Webinars Onair into pure profit.
“Webinars OnAir is proud to announce it’s brand new AFFILIATE program! Just another way for you to make even MORE money with quality products inside your powerful MLSP Membership…”

These Seven Step Formula’s for Success are great to promote just about anything, but the Key to its success was on the software disks that came Ben Suarez’s book.
Perhaps i still have those disks or maybe not,not sure. So i am doing this from memory, so i might be off a little but i like the concept.

So what are the Chances the Seven Step Formula gets results?

It is simple really. Simply grade every step from 1 = perfect to 0 = total failure and multiply the steps and read the score. Again if the outcome is 1, that is perfect the formula work very well. A zero will mean at least one step failed. A score of 0.5 and the results will be mediocre.

Three example of the grades:

Step1=1 * Step2=1 * Step3=1 * Step4=1 * Step5=1 * Step6=1 * Step7=1 = Grade 1 = Perfect

Step1=1 * Step2=1 * Step3=1 * Step4=1 * Step5=0.5 * Step6=1 * Step7=1 = Grade 0.5 = Mediocre

Step1=1 * Step2=1 * Step3=1 * Step4=1 * Step5=0 * Step6=1 * Step7=1 = Grade 0 = Failure

So what was the difference between Perfect and Failure? Step 5 made the difference, I guess we all know that as the weakest link.
Unless you make this calculation it is hard to realize how hard a weak link hurts. Of course you can play around more with the numbers to see the effect of the different grades of the steps.
The unrelenting truth here is we can be an expert in one area but that does not give us a pass on the other steps. We have to identify where the zero’s are and then take the appropriate steps.




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