Success in Network Marketing – Four Pillars

Success in Network Marketing

Here is some information from a few webinars held by my colleague Lena Bjorna, who has had a lot of Success in Network Marketing online now for years.

First how to get Traffic?

What is best Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic? When someone starts it takes a lot of time to get free traffic, so then the question remains how expensive is “Free Traffic”. So, the advise is use paid strategies if at all possible for starters. Examples of paid ads are solo ads, banners, ppc and Facebook ads.
What to choose? Pick a marketing strategy you are good at and like to do. Pick something you are passionate about. Currently starting with Facebook is the easiest and the quickest method.
Content marketing takes a few months to get results, it is a longer term approach using blogging and videos.

Focus on One

For starters, it is very important to Focus. Focus on One Sales Funnel, One Network Marketing Opportunity and One Marketing Strategy. Put together a 180 day plan for success. Get 30 leads a day, before adding a new marketing strategy.
So much information around at MLSP, so many teachers and so the temptation is to watch webinars All Day Long, all great info. The advise here is Don’t Study and Study and Not Take Action!!! Or we run the risk to become an Overmotivated Underachiever.

Success in Network Marketing

Four Pillars of Social Network

The Four Pillars are Facebook, Your Blog, You Tube and Better Networker. The idea is to create a web of Social Networking to create Free Traffic that results in Leads. And to pre-sell Leads to better Conversion of Leads and with much less effort. Don’t like to call leads? Build an online presence, so you don’t need to call.
The goal is to look like you are everywhere. To present yourself as a leader. This familiarity will breeds trust. Important, because people online buy from people who they Know, Like and Trust.

Then how do you build a presence? Whether it is Better Networker, Facebook, Your Blog or You Tube the basic idea is to tell our story. Tell our story with lots of visuals. People are not going to read lots of text(like this post?) People like to quickly scan a page to get an idea. So we are telling our story with the look and other visuals of the pages.

Daily Mode of Operation

Success in Network Marketing

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Success in Network Marketing

Scheduling, Goal Setting and Tracking


To Generate Leads and then to Convert Leads and all of the rest is a distraction.

So, posts need to get keyword optimized along with off page optimization(back links).

Scheduling and Tracking

From the Google account create documents under the Drive tab.
What you do here is create to do lists including hour spent.
Will help plan in 180 day increments.
Templates are available here to plan and track to implement any plans.

Three Bold Steps

Take three bold action steps a day, that move us out of our comfort zones.
Best results when done first thing in the morning. Because for starters we have the most energy in the morning. And the new found success sets the stage for the rest of the day. The ripple effect.
What it could be? Shoot 1st video, call 1st lead or call into webinar for 1st time.




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