Secrets to Understanding Network Marketing

Introduction to Understanding Network Marketing

It is all too easy to get started in Network Marketing without understanding what really works. You see and hear countless overnight juicy success stories. You see the spam fests in Facebook spam groups and an endless line of links getting spammed on Twitter.

So, what is realistic to expect? Last Summer 2013 I took the 8 week course Attraction Marketing Intensive and this course provides some really down to earth information about the concept of Attraction Marketing. I highly recommend anybody to take a look at it.

Right now I follow the New Year Intensive 2014 by Justice Eagan and Adam Chandler and they provide clarity on what really works in the daily life of a Network Marketer. From Planning, Goal setting to Marketing.


Importance of Understanding Network Marketing

If you don’t know what type of Marketing  links up with your goals. You may soon get frustrated by a lack of results. The conclusion will be this stuff does not work.  I’ll quit Now.

That is what happens with the over 90% of the Network Marketers who failed. Obviously, if 90% fail still 10% succeed and that is proof it can work as long as you figure it out.

Understanding Network Marketing

If you split Network Marketing into Passive and Active Marketing a lot of what happened to your efforts becomes clear. How many leads did you get through blogging? Through list building via paid advertising or via posting videos? The answer is most likely not so many. The reason is these are Long Term marketing methods and it takes time for actual sales results to show. That is fine if you are not in a rush. But if you want results Yesterday, you are gonna be unhappy. What works short term is Active Marketing and can lead to sales Now. So, what is it?

It includes all forms of prospecting in person or on social media. And it involves phone calls, exposures and follow ups. Begs the question what is an exposure? An exposure is when you get someone to look at your information about what you are selling. What not counts as an exposure is, if somebody says, yeah i will look at it, send me the link, to get rid of you talking about it any further.  For an exposure you have to somehow be there or make an appointment to verify they went through your presentation.

A follow up is meant to get a decision or if it is too early for that, a second exposure.


Understanding Network Marketing Prospecting

And what exactly is Prospecting? Prospecting is talking to people in order to see if they are open to take a look at your opportunity. It is just having a conversation and asking questions to see if they are interested in what you are selling. Personally in the past i have done a lot of prospecting offline (not in Network Marketing). What you do is, you determine what type of people or companies can use what you sell. Then you locate them, contact them and start talking. Ask questions, answer questions, whatever seems to work. It takes some practice to figure out what to say, where to look. It is not hard, it just takes time. If you have value to offer, why would prospects not be interested? So, it really boils down to what Diane Hochman likes to say: “I am Looking for People who are Looking for Me”. Considering this, it just does not make Any sense to start spamming Facebook or Twitter with spam. Or offline there is no point in attacking just about anybody with a pulse about your opportunity. There are better ways. The book of Eric Worre Go Pro  is a great source of info on that.


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